Burros, Boards and Bales

Old Man Winter is treading heavy on the turf while winter coats thicken. Surprisingly, colder temperatures actually only play a minor role in this process. The lesser-known fact is that winter coat growth is triggered primarily by the change in photoperiod or the day length. The reduction of light causes increased production of the hormone … Read more

O’ Brother, Thou Art Hither?

Equine siblings have been known to display significant signs of familiarity when reunited. Others feel the responses are completely unpredictable. Equine interaction whether familiar or not becomes more dependent on individual personality and circumstances than on kinship. Such is the case, through observation, for Rocky Mountain Mustangs herd leader Coal and recently reunited half-brother Flint. … Read more

Sand Wash Basin Mustangs Reap Winter Welcome!

Dusk was quickly fading to darkness as a bone-weary group of wranglers secured the corral gates. A load of hay would be the chore that draws closure to a tedious yet rewarding day. Emotions of great satisfaction swelled as ten adopted Mustangs from the Sand Wash Basin HMA began exploring their new habitat. Among the … Read more

Mustangs Arrive at Rocky Mountain Mustang Refuge!

Ten handsome Mustangs were welcomed today as the first offical residents of the Rocky Mountain Mustang Refuge. Cheers of jubilation were abundant as the majestic equine paraded off the trailer through the corral gates and into the lush grazing pasture. The experience was momentous and bolstered emotions of great satisfaction and reward. At the end … Read more

Diverse Equine Aggrandize Former Rustic Ranch!

The formerly desolate and neglected Red Hill Ranch is bolstering with equine activity. The transformed rustic site is now host to a diverse gathering of horses, burros, highland cattle and even a mule. Among this unorthodox assembly of companions are those trained, untrained, feral, domesticated, young, old, wild, tame and some with just extraordinary personality. … Read more